Is Stress Affecting Your Sleep?

If your sleep challenges are due primarily to stress or the effects of stress, this is the course for you.

Having trouble falling asleep? Do you find yourself laying in bed for hours and not drifting off? You're not the only one.

In milder cases, not being able to fall asleep quickly can be a temporary or a one-off occurrence. It might be triggered by a single event or stressor which has no lasting impact on sleep. In other cases, persistent trouble falling asleep may call for adjustments to your environment and sleep habits.

The Restored Sleep Course is designed to help you to identify those habits and behaviours that are negatively affecting your ability to fall asleep, and help you change them by learning one technique at a time to get you back into a healthy sleep pattern.

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Sleep seems to come so easily to some but for others, it’s a nightly struggle, riddled with stress...

At The Restored,we can help you change that. For long-term, healthy sleep, you need to address your behaviours and mindset too. There is no natural or pharmaceutical sleeping pill on earth that can fix a fraught mind or unhealthy sleep habits.


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